A Quantic Therapy


The 60’s and the 70’s have seen a kind of (re)birth of the East in the occidental world. The beat generation and the hippie movement started importing from India and China a whole universe that would come to “contaminate”, deeply and positively, our whole Christian and capitalist world.

It seems that Gaya, the Planetary Conscience, feeling the huge unbalanced situation – both environmental and human – through which Earth is living, thought it would be interesting that millenary knowledge could be found again, and, who knows, maybe that ancient knowledge could contribute to reverting the troublesome scenery in the world.

And the insertion of oriental cultures in our own culture conclusively influenced towards a deep reflection and a wide change in points of view –new paradigms – about Life, us and our relations with ourselves, the other(s) and the Universe.

Nowadays, everyone has somehow heard of or experienced Yoga, Shiatsu, Meditation, Acupuncture, Tai Chi Chuan, Feng-Shui, or has heard of Chakras, Macrobiotics, Buddhism. In short, after 40 years, the oriental universe is perfectly integrated – and it’s still growing – with the occidental universe.

The great message and main contribution – among many others – that the East brought to us was the idea of Oneness. The perspective that the Universe, the Creation is but one Organism, just one Being, totally inter-related, interconnected, integrated, interacting, interdependent, and totally conscious, infinite and eternal.

A huge web, where every atom and every galaxy is conscious and intelligent. Where each element of this huge web, besides being interconnected with the whole web, also works as a magnet, constantly attracting and repelling things and situations, in a synchronic and intelligent movement of permanent evolution, of permanent (re)creation of Reality.

And this shift in perspective came to soothe the low self-esteem to which the current religion has conditioned us: now we know that we aren’t filthy sinners, depending on the mercy from a God in a distant paradise, to become something we are not.

And also that we aren’t guilty of anything (nor victims of anything), and we aren’t the final product of the Creation, nor was Earth created primarily for our own exclusive use.

The new paradigm (re)informs us that, actually, we are already the Perfection, Plenitude and Happiness we look for. Our primordial essence is One, pure Light and pure Love.

We are just narrow-sighted, ignorant of this reality. We have to recover the conscience that we are all co-creators and co-responsible for the Universe, for Life, we are part of this conscious and living One that is the Creation. Isn’t it much better being ignorant than being guilty and a sinner?

Another great contribution brought by the East was the recovery of the Energy. Of Vital Energy – in its different manifestations – that is out there, sustaining the Universe and that, in many ways and styles, we can instrumentalize and use to our own benefit, for our growth and to help other people.

From the universe disclosed by the East, many other paths have been unfolded, grown and multiplied – at first through the hippies – such as environmental conscience and the ecologic movement, alternative therapies, organic agriculture, natural food and spiritualism and esoterism in general. All of those are now totally inserted in our urban and globalized universe, bringing in its core a new world vision, holistic and integrative.

At the same time, Science also changed its paradigms, with the expansion of Quantum Physics, confirming and supporting what the Orient and Shamans have been saying for thousands of years.

When the German Physicist W. Heissenberg, one of the fathers of Quantum Physics, realized that the smallest portion of matter could behave whether as wave or particle, depending on the observer’s point of view, this fact created a super link with the oriental concept that says that being in the absolute or relative level, being in the shadow or in the Light, being in ignorance or Knowledge, it’s just a matter of point of view, of perspective.

And Psychology, mainly through Transpersonal Psychology, also largely expanded the possibilities of understanding the mind and life, and expanded the use of countless old cure tools, too.

Nonetheless, there were some other ancient cultures that should also be surfaced again, in Gaya’s perspective, bringing their ancestral Knowledge and Wisdom.

So, the 70’s and 80’s saw the beginning of a movement of redemption of several distinct cultures, such as the American peoples (Brazilian and North American Indians, Incas, Aztecs, Mayas and Eskimos), the Africans, the Siberians, the Australian and Hawaiian Aborigines. And all of that has been called Shamanism.

There are two very significant prophecies in the shamanic universe: one is the Incan prophecy that said that 500 years after the invasion, the eagle would fly with the condor again, in an allusion to the recovering and (re)integration of the native peoples of America.

The other prophecy, from north-american indians, said that also 500 years after the affliction that would stab that land, the red skinned people would be born once more as whites, and those whites – called Rainbow Warriors – would help remembering the Red Way.

And these two prophecies are really being fulfilled nowadays (as well as many oriental prophecies that said that, in these times, spiritualistic Orientals, monks and Masters, would be reborn in the West).

But what will the contribution those apparently primitive cultures – from a Western point of view – have to give to the modern world be, since most of them, for example, didn’t even develop literacy?

First of all, endorse everything the East had already said. In Shamanism, the idea of One is also the spine, the central core of the Knowledge and the Way. And the recognition, perception and utilization of energy are also widely known and practiced.

Perhaps the main contribution the so-called Shamanism brings to us – and which is also one of the reasons why cultures so apart and so different such as the Siberians and the Australians, for instance, are all labeled Shamanism – is what we could call the “recovery of the sixth sense”. This slumbering sense is also called sensitivity, paranormality, mediunity, extra-sensorial perception.

One of the main assumptions of Shamanism is the multidimensional reality of the Universe. But, as our culture (and its predominant religion) denied sixth sense and energy, man was left with only five senses and a rational mind to live and research his inner-self and to deal with his psycho-emotional and emotional issues.

The five senses and the rational mind are excellent instruments to live and deal with material life, objective and concrete. But in the multidimensional life, in the world of intuition, in the world of feelings, of contact with other subtle levels of existence, those five senses aren’t the most adequate tool. It’s the sixth sense that opens the doors for a conscious multidimensional life.

We were educated in the idea that Conscience is a prerogative of the human brain, full of neurons. But the Indians know, for example, that Conscience exists and expresses itself in each stone, each animal, each plant, each living being and in each dimension of Existence. But, to communicate with these other kingdoms and other levels, the five senses and the rational mind aren’t enough. It’s with the sixth sense. And that’s why – and that’s how – an Indian communicates with stones, trees, animals and beings from other dimensions.

Another interesting thing, worth observing, is that, in the History of humankind, every time the natural reason for something, some unexplainable phenomenon, was unknown, usually a supernatural, mystic, superpowerful or hidden reason was considered. And that’s when religions, mysticism, esoterism and mythologies were created.

And later, so many things were not considered mystic or esoteric anymore, when occidental Science (mainly Quantum Physics) started reading them differently.

Let’s imagine someone trying to describe a cell phone or the Internet to a person from the Middle Ages. They would probably be cast into a fire for witchery!

So, what we are talking about here are universal laws, discovered a long time ago, and old technologies, developed from that knowledge.

For example, when Dr. S. Freud “announced” the unconscious to the occidental world and when he talked about libido; when Dr. C. G. Jung brought his theories of archetypes, the collective unconscious, the Self and the sincronicity; and when Dr. W. Reich found out the correlation between emotions, energy and the physical body, and found out about orgonic energy, all of them, aware of it or not, were re-reading in a scientific manner – and that’s wonderful – the knowledge that ancient peoples had already “discovered”, explaining it and instrumentalizing it within other parameters and their own perspectives.

And the largest part of humanity always used the sixth sense.

More modernly, for instance, Allan Kardec had the insight of developing and specializing the sixth sense, to open a channel for interaction with the world of the incorporeal spirits. And actually he developed a very serious and competent methodology, which he called Spiritism.

Umbanda, the Brazilian religion that integrates African, Indian, Kardecist, Catholic and Oriental cultures, also works with the sixth sense within the same perspective – mediunity.

In the African cults (Candomblé), seldom one works with mediunity regarding incorporeal spirits. The medium incorporates the archetypical forces – gods – of Nature (the Orixás) and enjoys their Axé (energy and qualities). It’s another use of the same sixth sense.

In the Shamanic world, where both the above mentioned uses of the sixth sense can happen, the keynote, the most important form of using sensitivity is to access the contents of the unconscious, the negative psycho-emotional beliefs and patterns (self-boycotters and self-saboteurs), the knots that come from previous lives or from ancestrality, the pains and psycho-emotional blockages that start with a traumatic event in some point of our history and are yet vibrating inside us, and end up being somatized in physical diseases, difficulties in the emotional, professional or financial aspects of life, as well as in repeated cases of energetic interference (intrusive energy).

The sixth sense is a tool, qualified to access those unbalanced psycho-emotional contents directly, the ones that hinder the path of every human being towards one’s main realization: the (re) experience of one’s real nature – the One.

As our culture hasn’t accepted the concept of sixth sense and energy (nor the whole holistic and animistic perspective of life), it has built its Science (the Cartesian, mechanistic and reductionist paradigm), its Philosophy, its Medicine (the allopathic and symptomatic view of health) and its Psychology (mainly the Psychoanalysis) based on the universe of the five senses, the ego and the rational mind.

Being so, for example, in Psychotherapy (mainly Psychoanalysis), the therapeutical processes are usually very long – and that’s not criticism! Most of the times, it’s really necessary that it takes long, because through verbal and rational mechanisms, the therapist facilitates the gradual deconstruction by the client of the complex web of control and defense that we build throughout our life (lives) so we can avoid our pains, until we can contact the contents of the core, and proceed through catharsis and re-signification. And all of that has to be slow, normally, because one can’t simply implode people’s defenses, which are, in many cases, what keeps them alive.

But if we have a tool, able to access the cores that produce patterns (that Hindus calls Samskaras and Vasanas) directly and transmute them – and that’s the aim of “channeling”, another use of the sixth sense –, the web of defenses and control dissolves by itself, because there’s no need of defending and controlling anything anymore, and the process of healing can happen much faster and widely.

The most important, however, is never losing the perspective that none of this is supernatural, esoteric, mystical or magical. All of it is absolutely and simply natural in the Universe, even if we don’t know how and why it works.

And where is Fogo Sagrado in all this?

Initially, it was first developed based on the life experiences of a white Shaman among the Indians – Aloyzio Delgado Nascimento –, who named his work “Energetic Alignment”, which has, as Shamanism in general, its philosophical and theoretical axis on the idea of Oneness, and the basis of its methodology on the wide therapeutical use of sixth sense and Energy.

Four aspects characterize Fogo Sagrado: observance of the laws of Karma, Synchronicity and Resonance; neutrality and absence of judgment; no-invasion of fields and no manipulation of energy (the goal is not to interfere with karma to make wishes come true, but to unblock areas in which the person limits him or herself); and detachment from results (belief that the Universe is intelligent, is always right, is a partner, but we can’t and shouldn’t even try to control Him).

On the other hand, three aspects characterize the way Fogo Sagrado is inserted in the context of the Shamanic universe in general, that is, what is more representative as a contribution from this work to the insertion and expansion of Shamanism in general within our culture:

The first is the development of the capacity of transmuting energy and healing, without any kind of ritual.

The second is the ability to access other dimensions (external and internal ones) without use or ingestion of any kind of substance.

We aren’t against rituals or sacred plants. We have already interacted with both, and respect them. However, that’s how this work was intuited and developed by Aloyzio, and later restructured by Mônica Oliveira (being thus called Fogo Sagrado): to do what Pajés and Shamans do with ceremonies and rituals in the environment of a therapeutical office, in the middle of the concrete jungle, with the ability to shelter from agnostics and atheists to people belonging to all religions and areas of activity.

Finally, the third aspect of Fogo Sagrado is the proposal of being, far from a dogmatic, rigid or sectary path, mainly a quantum healing technique and an ecumenical, eclectic and universal bridge between the Sacred Knowledge, specially between the Oriental and the Shamanic knowledges, and the Quantum Physics and the Psychology, integrating all kinds of knowledge, trying to put the parts of the great Universal puzzle together, inspiring and expanding the conscience of Oneness in all of us.






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