The Technique


Fogo Sagrado is a Brazilian therapeutical technique, from shamanic origin, developed by the agronomist, pharmacist and healer ALOYZIO DELGADO NASCIMENTO – that named it Energetic Alignment – based on many years studying and living among several Brazilian Indian tribes.

After many years working with Aloyzio as a channeler therapist, MÔNICA OLIVEIRA developed, after the death of the former, the FOGO SAGRADO technique, that integrates Shamanism, Oriental knowledge, Psychology and Quantum Physics.

In FOGO SAGRADO, the work is normally carried out by two sensitive therapists: a channeler and a director. But it can also be done by only one therapist – he channels and directs the client’s energetic bodies (and can even channel and direct his or her own energetic bodies).

Carlos Henrique Alves Correia (Mônica’s brother in law and heir of Aloyzio’s mission as well) developed a technique to work Energetic Alignment with only one person, which he named Ouro Verde.

The channeler therapist is the one who reads the energetic field (although the director can also do it) and incorporates and expresses the psycho-emotional contents – that we call Energetic Bodies and, after, the Enlightened Body and the Mantra.

Maybe the more correct would be calling the channeler therapist a captor therapist, since both therapists are sensitive ones. Actually, both therapists are channelers, since when reading the field, cleaning it (channeling and directing), as well as while dealing with the Enlightened Body and Mantra, and even when explaining the work in the first session, it all happens through the interaction with the EGREGORA, with both of them channeling, intuiting, feeling.

The director is the one that talks to the energetic bodies manifested by the channeler, aiming to provide it with balance and healing, through the EGREGORA’s transmuting action – the Dimension of Light that supports this work and is called CHRISTIC CONSCIOUSNESS LEVEL – and its GUARDIANS (Enlightened Beings that integrate this EGREGORA).

Both therapists interact with the client, aiming to establish connections and links between the issues being dealt with, to see what is conscious or unconscious (and their symptoms), understand what to synchronicity and resonance point and what knowledge the situation offers, search for the knots in the childhood, birth, gestation or other lives, rebalance the relationships with parents, partners, children, friends, colleagues, and clean the intrusive energy and interferences.

As in the stories that Aloyzio told, in which he observed the healings in tribes, the channeler therapist plays the role of the sensitive Indian that expressed the disease, and the director therapist is the Pajé (medicine man) that talked to the disease and routed it.

Fogo Sagrado is the same millenary breakthrough therapy used by Pajés and Shamans, but carried out in an office environment, with no rituals.

A private appointment of Fogo Sagrado consists of three steps:

Explaining the work and Reading the energy field

The first part of a client’s appointment is always an explanation about Fogo Sagrado (its origins, technique and results), and this explanation is often channeled too, because the explanation, for example, for a spiritualist isn’t the same explanation given to a dialectical materialistic atheist. Intuition is necessary to know how to approach and unfold the explanation so that it will be easily understood by the client.

The explanation is also part of the therapy, because it brings philosophical, psychological and energetical points of view that dawn on the client.

The therapists will have access to images and feelings in the client’s energy field (aura) that will be expressed through conscious / unconscious symbols, which will be interpreted as they come by the client. This is done based on the premise that the therapists only know the client’s name and appearance, and, among the 3, the client is the one who knows best his or her story.

So, the client is requested to clarify, after the reading, if the images that were seen belong to the past or seem to refer to a memory of someone or bring some kind of emotion or feeling. And even if the three together aren’t able to interpret it, it’s possible that the image belongs to the client’s future, something that still isn’t in the plain of realization, but that is already shaped in his or her energy field, and will make sense later.

You could ask me if it’s possible to predict the future, and I’d say it’s important to bear in mind that everything in the Universe is in constant movement, and there are actions that change the course of History, and that’s why nothing is fixed.. Future is dynamic and belongs to the Universe and to you, with your attitudes under the Shadow or Light.

It’s possible that many of the things that are said – mainly the unrecognized ones – may be confirmed by the client later, as happened countless times; the therapists, however, will focus on the present, so that the future may be even better than what was already programmed.

Cleaning the energy field

During this second step, there will be the recognition of the unbalanced energetic bodies. It’s important to observe that everything manifested during this step will be routed to the Dimension of Light, freeing the energy field, thus not being necessary to analyze and elaborate the content.

During this step, one therapist is the channeler and the other is the director of the work. Both act therapeutically and as channels.

Most of the work is done in another dimension, in a partnership with the Christic Counsciousness Level (CCL) and the Superior Self. And another part of it is carried out by the therapists: the channeling, the direction and routing of the energetic bodies, as well as the therapeutical interaction with the client, sharing feedback and linking facts, feelings and people, to understand their meaning and function in life.

In the first step, the client will emanate his or her unbalanced energetic bodies to the channeler. The directing therapist will talk to them through the channeler and will try to bring those small parts of the person to his or her conscience, showing how they hinder and unbalance life, and how one’s potential could blossom with the same energy in another pole, proposing changes that will benefit them, until they wish to leave to the Dimension of Light, to be transmuted. It is very important that this quantum of the client wishes to be better, wishes to go to the Light to be healed.

Several energetic bodies are recognized and the client has the opportunity of helping with gestures, words and content. Those energetic bodies are independent, regarding space and time, and the client will be able to emanate to the channeler a recording that happened when he or she was five years old, for example, and is still causing symptoms, reactions or situations, even unconsciously, or even an issue from a previous life.

It might also happen that the client won’t recognize an energetic body. This means that those contents are acting unconsciously, and the therapists will have to research what effects and symptoms they are causing in his or her life.

The therapists will be permanently relating everything that is channeled, intuited, messages received, images, channeling of music in the client’s field, and at the end of the session the history will be understood from a different perspective, which may also be interesting for the client.

It is also possible for the channeler to receive an energetic body from someone related to the client (mother, father, children, partners, etc.) and that is in his or her energetic field; it is then possible to talk to that body, solving issues considered as difficult before (e.g., people he can’t contact anymore or that are very far) or impossible (people who are in other dimensions, already gone or yet to come), who need help or to harmonize their life together. After routing the energetic bodies, the relation tends to be more harmonic and both will benefit from it simultaneously.

It’s vital to know that the client’s energy field won’t be invaded in any way. Those energetic bodies will only be manifested under the authorization of the Superior Self, and there will always be the attention to respect the client’s private secrets; what’s manifested is only what has been allowed to.

In this work, no one tries to manipulate or direct the energy to satisfy personal wishes. The person’s Superior Self always knows what’s best for him or her, in the balance between wish and necessity.

During the process of recognition, the energetic bodies are literally going out, being “sucked out”, as a surgery in the unconscious.

Another extremely important aspect is that everything that is said during the work (chat, insights, memories, etc.) will be considered as content, as well as the manifested bodies, and will also be routed to the to be transmuted.

Enlightened Body (Guardian) and Mantra

Then, we enter the third part of the work, and the client will see that the energetic bodies will make a contrary movement.

In the first step, they left the client – his or her shadowed side – and came to the channeler. The director routes them to the CCL to receive the Light, transmute their polarity, orientation, bringing a better potential to that energy, filling the slot left by the energetic bodies, raising their vibration to one octave above.

Now they come from that dimension of Light back to the channeler, who will manifest it. Each Enlightened Being that comes back is called a Guardian of the client’s field. They will present a password or Mantra, that will be a word of sentence with a vibrational potential to produce effects in his or her energy field, according to the function that will also be known through the Guardian.

The password corresponds to the client’s part in the work, because now he or she has a possibility to keep in touch with the Guardian. The password can be used in difficult situations of only to show gratitude, or to strengthen the energy field.

We could say that two-thirds of the energetic work is done by the EGREGORA and one third is the client’s responsibility with himself, being a partner to his Enlightened side (the Guardians), being watchful and observing his or her own movements and attitudes, so that the old patterns will not be rebuilt.


Another way of working with Fogo Sagrado is in a healing circle, when there is a group of people. The people all sit forming a circle, one person lies down in the center, and the two therapists develop the three steps of the work.

The most interesting aspect of this modality is that, according to the law of resonance, every person who has similar contents and patterns to the ones manifested by the person lying in the center also have their energetic bodies magnetically routed with the client’s one, in one big energetic pack.

When the Enlightened Body comes back with the Mantra, all of them are equally benefited.


Energetic bodies are like energetic psycho-emotional packages, created by human beings, based on their life experiences, to protect themselves from suffering, painful and traumatic memories and records but that, on the other hand, also serve to inhibit, block and hinder their potential throughout one or more lives. So, the unbalanced patterns coming from their beliefs can influence their behavior in a negative way, blocking their real Essence, Oneness and Happiness from manifesting.

The primordial energetic imbalance, that can develop in countless types of diseases (physical, psycho-emotional, behavioral, social) is nothing more than our own ignorance, (that Hindis call avidya) about the true One Reality that we already are.

The imbalance causes an amount of characters in our existence, allowing them to interact and manifest themselves, interfering with our behavior and inducing us to attitudes unfavorable to our purest will. Those characters are what we call energetic bodies.

The energetic bodies, different from our physical bodies, are abstract, cannot be touched, but felt. Our physical body is like a wrapper spread over a group of many bodies that form our psycho-emotional and energetical complex.

Those energetic bodies together constitute our personality and our character. They are psycho-emotional units (acting in the astral and mental levels) that are built from pleasurable or painful experiences throughout life. It’s important to notice that much before being able to manifest thoughts (that is, being born and learning how to talk), you could feel. From the moment your central nervous system started to be formed within your mother’s womb, you started to feel, and started to keep records of psycho-emotional information in your unconscious.

Those psycho-emotional nuclei are bound and interact together forming our personality and character, with its complex web of control and defense, always working towards our two basic and atavistic pulsions: search for pleasure and avoidance of suffering (that is repressed but remains alive in the unconscious impulses, manifesting in the psychic, emotional and physical levels).

It is as if we were in a constant football match, that takes place inside ourselves: the Light team (the balanced energetic bodies) and the Shadow team (the imbalanced energetic bodies). Our task is to “convince” the Shadow players to play with the Light, because our true nature is equilibrium, detachment, joy, strength.

Everything that doesn’t belong to this real nature is a “ghost”, belief and energy placed on the wrong polarity.

Mônica likes to use the clothes parallel:

For each experience we go through in life, we wear come energetic clothes. If the experience was pleasurable, constructive, we wear new and clean clothes; if the experience was painful, traumatic, we war old and dirty clothes.

And we live full of, cram with, burdened with several layers of clothes.

In each experience we have, when the mind/ego identifies the experience at hand with a similar outfit from the past, those clothes vibrate their positive or negative qualities, as if the same thing was going to happen all over again.

We say, jokingly, that in Fogo Sagrado we undress the old and dirty clothes and send them to the CCL’s laundry, which returns them mended, clean and ironed.

The Hindis call those psycho-emotional impressions (the energetic bodies) samsakaras (impressions) that engender vasanas (our beliefs, patterns and tendencies).

So we see that emotions are highly predominant factors in our lives. And in this dual Universe, where everything is made of pairs of opposites (do you remember Yin and Yang?), it couldn’t be any different with emotions.

Emotions are energies that also have two polarities: for example, when we talk about fear we are also talking about courage or prudence; when we say anger, we also mean an energy able to create, to build; when we mention anxiety, we mention calm, surrender and relaxation; and, on the other side of anguish, confidence, hope and lack of blame live. They are the same energy with different polarities.

The countless lives on our journey through multiple existences print and root psycho-emotional bits of information – both positive and negative, depending on the quality of the experience (that can be a huge trauma due to an event that happened only once or a pattern, acquired due to a repetition of events) – in our unconscious, that shape our character, our personality, and fructify (psycho-somatized) in different ways: physical, psychic, emotional, relational, professional or social diseases.

This collection of negative psycho-emotional information – the imbalanced energetic bodies – is channeled and manifested by the channeler therapist to be routed and transmuted by the EGREGORA to its positive, balanced polarity – the Enlightened Body – and returned to the client as a Guardian with a Mantra.

Many energetic bodies act only on the unconscious, causing symptoms, and the person can’t bring the connection between symptom and cause to the conscious. Many times, a desire hides a necessity, or vice-versa.

Few times, extremely strong experiences generate a complex of defensive energetic bodies – as an onion and its layers – that hide the core of the problem.

With his or her ability, the channeler and the director can clean the field until they can see the core and route it to what would be, in this case, the psycho-emotional and energetic ressignification of the contents.

Nowadays, Science knows that the brain can’t recognize the difference between past and future, thus keeping our records constantly updated. To do so, the brain gives support to all energetic bodies, by structuring neuronal webs that manage the whole physiology of the neurotransmitters and hormones, and that keep all the past records alive and acting in our minds and bodies.

When the channeler recognizes an energetic body, the neuronal web that used to support that pattern or belief starts to crumble.

When the client receives the Enlightened Body and works with the Mantra, he or she builds a new neuronal web that substitutes the previous one and supports the new and more balanced patterns that came with the Enlightened Body. The Orientals call it “creating a second nature”.

The energetic bodies are psycho-emotional quantum units, constituted by emotional information (a “feeling”, linked to the level of the astral body) with a theme (the perspective of the fact, linked to the mental body).

When the channeler recognizes the content and gives back the Enlightened Body, there are still some memories – more or less alive – of the old pattern in the unconscious.

If the client doesn’t work with the Mantra, the cleaning certainly happened, but no one can guarantee that the old patterns won’t be rebuilt.


Enlightened Body or Guardian is the name given to the other polarity of the energetic body or collection of energetic bodies manifested in one session.

It is the synthesis of equilibrium, harmony and Light arising from the transmutation of all the contents channeled and routed to the CCL.

The Enlightened Body is a quantum entity, a personal entity from the EGREGORA, that is re-linked to us, providing a deep internal and external upgrade.

The Mantra is the name of the Enlightened Body. It’s the resonant, vibrational and symbolic synthesis of the function it executes.

When someone calls your name, you answer.

When you want to call yourself in the Light, you call the name of the Enlightened Body, of the Guardian of your field.


When you have to remodel a garden or a vegetable garden, first you weed it, then prepare the soil, then plant the new saplings. For some time, you have to water them, and they are wilting until they firm, and from then on Nature itself will take care of them.

The Mantra in Fogo Sagrado is the water for the new sapling – the Enlightened Body that you planted instead of the weeds (the energetic bodies).

If you only planted the saplings and didn’t water them, they would probably die and the weeds would grow back.

In a more cybernetic language, the Mantra is the password that you receive to access an updated version of the software that was re-installed in your HD that, besides, had a virus and was bugged… The password allows you to access the upgraded version.

And, in a more poetic language, the Mantra is the bell with which you call yourself on the upper floor.

The Mantra is the name of the quantum entity, which is the Guardian – the synthesis of the energetic bodies that were transmuted. It’s yourself, balanced and in the Light.

Sometimes, the Enlightened Body that comes at the end of the session comes as a general Guardian from the CCL, and the Mantra is his own name.

The Mantra neutralizes what can happen whenever you carry out an energetic cleaning but don’t work on the origin of the problem: at first, the pressure is released, but later the old patterns tend to be rebuilt.

See Mônica’s experience in Spiritism: she saw people, who came to her burdened, receiving blessings, had their energetic fields cleaned and unblocked, and some time later would return with the same kind of interference and intrusive energy.

In Fogo Sagrado, when the channeler therapist recognizes and expresses energetic bodies, those contents literally leave the client’s energy field, but the memory of the old contents keeps on vibrating in his or her unconscious, and it’s supported on the physical level by neuronal webs in the brain, that manage a complex chemistry of neurotransmitters and hormones.

When the Enlightened Body returns to the client, it needs a time to “root”, until the neuronal webs from the old patterns are replaced by new neuronal webs that will support the new contents, beliefs and patterns, more balanced and expanded.

Imagine your house is very dirty, messed and full of trash. Then you hire a cleaning company that will clean and organize everything. They also give you a sweeper and cleaning material, so you can do the maintenance, because if you don’t maintain it, dirt and disorganization will be back.

The Mantra is the sweeper and cleaning material that you can use to keep the house clean.

This Mantra isn’t necessarily to be used in Meditation (although we have nothing against that), nor to be mechanically repeated all the time.

The Mantra should be thought or repeated every time you observe that you are recurring on old patterns and beliefs that were worked upon during the session or Healing Circle, exactly to reconnect the mind/emotions/ego complex with the new record brought by the Enlightened Body.

When the Mantra has played its role, that is, when the new pattern has been established, when there is a neuronal web in the brain supporting the content that was returned in Light, the Mantra naturally vanishes, just like a medicine that you naturally abandon once the disease is cured.

Hindu Mythology, for example, works similarly to Fogo Sagrado: the gods are Guardians of the universal qualities – Shiva, god of transformation and meditation; Krishna, god of love and joy; Rama, god of Dharma; Saraswati, goddess of arts and Knowledge; Lakshmi, god of material and spiritual abundance; etc..

When we want to contact those qualities and virtues, we connect to the gods through the Mantras – in Bhajans and Kirtans (group chants) or in meditation.

Normally, the Hindi Mantras are the names of the Gods themselves, and, in their resonant vibrational and energetic power, they contain the universal qualities that the gods express, directly linked to our own power and abilities.

Imagine, for example, that billions of people, for thousands of years in India, put their intention, singing, chanting, meditating the mantra OM NAMAH SHIVAYA. Imagine the energy of the EGREGORA produced and maintained in the planet, bringing power of Transformation of Shadow into Light and focus on Meditation.

Imagine this energy interacting with the powerful directing intelligence related to the Mantra.

Imagine those two forces interacting with you, since you have all those qualities inside you but do not access them, so you resound to the Gods the prayers, mantras and meditations that come back to you, amplified by the Intelligence/EGREGORA, in an endless and perfect spiral of growth.

The power and strength of the Name of God is recognized is almost all religions:

In the Our Father, it reads… “Hallowed be Thy name…”

The psalms and proverbs in the Bible are full of connections with the name of God.

In the Jewish religion one can’t even pronounce the name of God, because it is too Holy.

In Islamism, the Name of Allah is also very strong and important in religion.

In Hinduism, it is said that in the current universal era (Kali Yuga, the black era, the Iron era, when humanity experiences the more natural and primitive side), the connection with other dimensions and virtues is so blocked that “God is present in the power of His Holy Names”, and this is widely accepted in India, regardless of philosophical line: God and His name are One.

This is an interesting cycle: the Wise Ones from the past channeled those directing intelligences, their functions and ways of creating contact and interaction.

People worshiped those intelligences as anthropomorphized myths, and “fed” them with intention, cults, mantras, songs, prayer and meditation. And, by interacting with those intelligences, feeding their EGREGORAS, men experience and realize by resonance that they also have those universal qualities and that the god’s intelligence is the same as theirs – the same endless Conscience.

Breathe your Mantra; (re)incorporate its qualities. The Mantras help to bring what you already are.


Many Masters have said – and Quantum Physics now confirms – that everything that is outside us is also inside us, and vice-versa.

It means that the whole Universe is inside us.

All qualities and virtues we have inside exist outside us.

Love, strength, peace, courage, determination, fertility, justice, equilibrium, harmony, discipline, creativity, happiness, pleasure, flexibility, honesty, serenity, beauty…

All of those – and many other – qualities and virtues “outside” us are “managed” by intelligences in higher levels compared to ours, in the universal Hierarchy.

They are, for example, the gods in the mythologies of many cultures: the devas in Hinduism, the animals of power in Shamanism, the Angels, The Orishas in Africa, and also the CCL – the EGREGORA that directs the work in Fogo Sagrado.

The Enlightened Beings can’t give us anything that by any chance we didn’t have already, because we have the whole Creation inside us. We lack nothing, we are made complete, perfect, although we still don’t remember this. We don’t need Gods to give us what we already have.

But They can interact with us and help us to wake and develop those potentials and virtues already existing inside ourselves.

Throughout the history of Humankind, men projected outside them those archetypical, anthropomorphized qualities and virtues in the figures of Gods, each with his quality and function, in a collective psychological process of projection and transference – to see outside and search outside what one already has inside and doesn’t know.

Then men created Gods at their image and resemblance, through an intuitive process where Wise Ones and Masters channeled writings, theological concepts, rituals, philosophical systems, psycho-physical techniques and meditation, healing and illumination methods.

Observe that all mythologies are functional: the god of rain, of fertility, of justice, of strength, of truth…

So, the Gods are like mirrors that reflect to us the plenitude that we already have and are, but is unconscious or underused in us.

As the Gods are the archetypical personification of those universal virtues and qualities (that everyone has), those Beings – Guardians, Devas, Angles, Orishas or Animals of Power – are simultaneously separate from us and quantically ourselves in other dimensions.

Every human activity has its own EGREGORA, its group of beings that interact with the corporeal world (Guides, Masters, forefathers). Each family, each religion, each hospital, each school, each human group has its own EGREGORA.

At the same time that the addition of those intentions, thoughts and feelings from a group of people focused on the same objective generates an EGREGORIC being, a quantum/energetic entity that will synergically protect and amplify all the energy that is generated (positive or negative).

So, the EGREGORA is an energy that happens in both ways: if the superior intelligences manage the Universe and interact with the human beings to dynamize and harmonize their paths, on the other hand, those intelligences, channeled by the Wise Ones, became anthropomorphic myths – EGREGORIC and archetypical entities – fed and energized by millennia of intentions, prayers, practice, meditation, rituals, generating a huge amount of energy, an enormous quantum of spiritual power.

And the CCL EGREGORA – that supports and offers guidance, protection and assistance to Fogo Sagrado – was initially channeled by Aloyzio and later by Mônica before meeting him.

This EGREGORA, made up of Enlightened Beings from different evolutionary lines, has offered to Aloyzio this work, transmuting and healing imbalanced psycho-emotional contents.

Many times we are asked, in appointments or lectures, about the meaning of the name “Christic Consciousness Level” and its apparent religious nature.

The impression that it’s an evangelic, catholic or spiritualistic sect or religion is common, based on the assumption that, by mentioning Christ, we refer specifically to Jesus, one of the great Enlightened spirits of the Christic hierarchy ( as Siddharta Gautama in the Buddhist hierarchy).

“Christic” refers to the Christic Conscience. Probably, the EGREGORA meant to respect the religious and cultural occidental roots.

If Aloyzio had lived in the East, maybe it would have been called “Buddhic Consciousness Level”…






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