What is Fogo Sagrado?


FOGO SAGRADO is a therapeutic technique developed by Aloyzio Delgado Nascimento, based on his over 15 years of experience in Brazilian indian tribes, where he could observe how the shamans carried out their healing processes.

During that time, Aloyzio realized that when an indian presented any kind of unbalance and looked for his shaman, the latter took care of the symptoms with herbs and rituals, but, using his sixth sense, he also looked for anything that had happened in the sick man’s life that could be then presenting itself as a physical, psycho-emotional and/or social disease, to understand it and heal it.

From then on, Aloyzio dedicated his life to the development of a work that represented what he saw, for so long, the shamans doing in their tribes, but under a different format - one that could be applied in cities, in offices, without rituals or any religious aspects, so that it could attend people with different beliefs, social and cultural levels.

Afterwards, Monica Oliveira, who worked with Aloyzio for many years until his passing, reshaped the technique, naming it Fogo Sagrado and offering courses to certify other therapists inside and outside Brazil.
Currently, there are 5 Brazilian therapists working in 4 countries in Europe for 6 years.

The main characteristic of this work is the use of sensitivity (sixth sense), to access directly from the client’s subconscious all painful and blocking contents that are reflected in the body and mind as physical and psycho-emotional unbalance.

Those contents are the ones that prevent one’s life to flow completely, harmoniously and prosperously, in accordance with one’s potential and merits.

A 90-minute private session has four steps: in the first one, the therapist explains the work: its origins, how it works and how it will develop.

During a second moment, the therapist reads and interprets the client’s energetic field, that is, he accesses images and feelings that come from his subconscious.
In the third step, called “cleaning phase”, the therapist receives (channels) the contents (that, in this work, are called energetic bodies, or samskaras, like the hindoos), expressing them with gestures or words, freeing them from the client’s energetic field, and sending them to the dimension of Light (egregora) that guides and supports the work of transmutation of psycho-emotional contents.
In the fourth step, the contents come back to the client in their positive and expanded polarity (and they’re called a “body in Light”), and are returned to the person, together with a “password”(mantra) that works as a re-integrating medicine for the new contents, so that the old patterns, after transmuted, won’t be rebuilt.

The conscious use of the password is the client’s part in the healing process.

This therapeutic work is a treatment that should be repeated at minimum interval of three months.

In its theoretic and philosophic structure, Fogo Sagrado intends to integrate four great lines of knowledge: the oriental knowledge, Shamanism, Quantum Physics and Psychology. Also, it is in deep consonance with two fundamental laws: the Law of Synchronicity and the Law of Resonance. Fogo Sagrado’s methodology lies on four important pillars:

  • The client’s energetic field is never invaded (no privacy invasion), that is, only what’s offered by his Superior Self is accessed;
  • Neutrality and No Judging;
  • No manipulation, that is, one’s karma shouldn’t be altered to meet personal wishes. When one’s blocks are transmuted e reshaped, the person will attract things according to one’s merits and capacity;
  • Detachment in relation to results. The Universe decides where, how and when changes will happen, and we not always need what we want (and vice-versa)

Besides private sessions, Fogo Sagrado can be carried out in a group, in the Healing Circle (where people sit in a circle with the client in the center) and in the Transdimensional Therapy (an integration of Fogo Sagrado and the family systemic therapy).Cosmic Breathing is another aspect of this therapy – an integration of Fogo Sagrado and Rebirth, that can be done for one person or in a group.




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