Who I am


Ernani Fornari is a yoga teacher and yoga therapist, a massage teacher and therapist, and a Fogo Sagrado teacher and therapist.

He lives in Rio de Janeiro, and is director, teacher and therapist of one of the best Yoga and Heilpraktiker institute of the city, called Espaço Saúde (Health Place).

Ernani was vice-president and teacher of the “Brazilian Association of Yoga Teachers”, and is founder-member of the “Brazilian Association of Ayurveda”.

He created the Cosmic Breathing therapy - an integration between the science of Yoga Pranayama, the Holotropic Breathing by S.Grof and the Rebirth by L.Orr with Fogo Sagrado; and created the Quantic Touch - an integration between Ayurvedic massage, Indian chiropractic and Spiritual massage with Fogo Sagrado.

He worked in Brazil and Europe (Germany and Austria), with Monica Oliveira, between 2003 and 2008 as a Fogo Sagrado therapist and teacher, doing thousands of single sessions and teaching many new therapists.

He is a musician and recorded 4 CDs with mantras from India, Afro-Brazilian music, North and South American native songs and traditional Brazilian country and folk songs.

Ernani lived for 20 years in the mountains near Rio de Janeiro where he was one of the pioneers in the organic agriculture production in Brasil.

He wrote 7 books about Ecology, Vegetarian Food, Organic Agriculture and Spiritual Songs.

Currently he is writing a book about Fogo Sagrado and another one about Yoga.





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